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Option 1: Mudjacking
Until recently mudjacking has been the only choice available to homeowners wanting to lift sunken concrete slabs.  The process involves boring numerous, large-diameter holes into the sunken slab, and pumping a heavy slurry of cement and soil beneath the slab to lift it back into place.

While initially, mudjacking will successfully raise a sunken slab, results may not be permanent because mudjacking does nothing to combat the root cause of the failure.  Most concrete problems are caused when the base under the concrete either becomes compacted under the weight of the heavy slab or is washed away by water.

The mudjacking process actually adds up to 150 lbs per cubic foot to an already overburdened and compromised base.  What’s more, mudjacking slurry is not waterproof and does nothing to defend against further water and erosion.

Option 2: Replacement
This option is by far the most costly, disruptive and stressful way to fix any concrete problem.  Not to mention the new concrete will never quite match the look of the surrounding slabs, forcing complete replacement to achieve a uniform look.

You may also be looking at replacing expensive landscaping, keeping pets off site, and the potential for repeat failures if the underlying conditions are not addressed.

Replacement is at times necessary, but financially minded homeowners will want to explore all their options prior to such a costly decision.

Note:  In the Wichita area, new concrete runs from $7-$12.

Option 3: Foam Injection
Foam is Proven!
Polyurethane foam injection has been in use by DOT and municipalities since the 70’s and is the proven and preferred method of concrete stabilization and lifting.  This proven method is now available to value-minded homeowners who want a permanent solution to their concrete problems.

Foam is Permanent!
Polyurethane foam is the most reliable way to ensure your repairs never have to be repeated.  By combating the root causes of the concrete failures - WATER and WEIGHT - polyurethane foam is the smart answer.

Foam is Waterproof!
Polyurethane foam fills tiny voids and forms a waterproof base to permanently lift and stabilize your concrete.  It won’t be washed away like earth or mudjacking slurry.  It remains a solid foundation and forms a barrier against new water damage.

Foam is Lightweight and Strong! Polyurethane foam weighs about 4 lbs per cubic foot compared to up to 150 lbs per cubic foot for slurry.   Foam forms a impermeable base without adding weight to an already unstable base.

Foam is Green!
The polyurethane foam we use is environmentally friendly, consisting of 39-49% renewable and recycled materials.  It contains none of the harmful chemicals you may read about online and is as safe as your couch cushions.

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