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There are two concrete raising methods to choose from for repairing a sinking concrete slab. Mudjacking is the oldest and most commonly known process for lifting and leveling concrete slabs. Raising concrete with polyurethane foam injections, also known as foam jacking or poly jacking, is a reliable, permanent alternative to mudjacking. There are several advantages to raising concrete with polyurethane foam compared to mudjacking.

Fewer Holes
With polyurethane foam injections, fewer drill holes are needed in your concrete providing a cleaner look compared to mudjacking. Because polyurethane foam enters the soil base as a highly pressurized liquid, we can achieve a large coverage area from each injection site. Our polymers can flow and expand anywhere from 4 to 15 feet from each injection site depending on site specifics. With mudjacking, because of its weight, a 1-2 feet of coverage should be expected from each drill hole. As a result 50%-75% more holes are needed to repair sunken concrete with this method.

Foam Is Light Weight
Polyurethane foam is a light weight material compared to traditional mudjacking slurry (2-6 pounds of polyurethane foam vs. 100-130 pounds of mud slurry). Because of the light weight properties of our foam, it won’t burden the underlying soils which are often loose and poorly compacted. Mud slurry is extremely heavy and within a couple years can compact the loose soil base causing resettlement.

Long Term Repair
Lifting settled concrete with polyurethane foam is considered a long-term repair, not a temporary fix. Our lightweight high-density foams won’t loose density like mudjacking slurry. Our hydrophobic polyurethane foams cure in 25 – 45  minutes and will completely maintain their compressive strength over time. Also, our foams won’t break down or washout from water, making polyjacking a long-term solution.

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