Avoid Liability
Trip hazards are a danger to you and your family.  Not to mention exposing your property to unwanted liability.

Save Money
You can raise your concrete for less than half the price of replacing the concrete slab.

Save Time and Future Expense
Your concrete problems will only get worse the longer they go unaddressed.  And worse, usually mean more expensive.  Taking care of the problem now will save money in the long run.  Raising concrete with polyurethane foam often takes less than an hour and is ready for immediate use.  You can even drive your car over it in 30 minutes.

Avoid Bigger Problems Caused by Water
Cracks in your concrete can be the first sign that something big is happening underneath.  Polyurethane foam, when pumped beneath a compromised slab will find any void and fill it, reducing and often times, eliminating further damage.

Polyurethane foam will find the voids and fill them, essentially waterproofing your slab from problem-causing water.  Foam is water-proof.

Stop Structural Damage Before It Happens
When a concrete slab settles, you'll begin to have doors and windows stick and structures that are resting on the slab will crack and break away without the support of the slab.

Avoid The Disruption of Replacing Your Concrete
Not only is replacing that concrete slab expensive, it can also be a huge headache and disruption of your life, not to mention your yard, patio, or driveway!  And do we really need another couple of tons of waste in our landfills?  Raising your sunken concrete with foam will never cause disruption.  Clean up (which we perform) is as easy as sweeping a little concrete dust into a dust pan!

Plus, new concrete will never match the color of your old concrete.

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