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Midwest Foam Works specializes in concrete leveling using high-density polyurethane foam. Save time, money and frustration by letting our experienced team lift your concrete to its original position.

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1500+ jobs since 2017

With ten years of experience and over 1,500 successful jobs under our belt, Midwest Foam Works is your trusted partner in high-density polyurethane foam concrete leveling. Your satisfaction is our commitment.

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How It Works

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Drill and Inject

Our two-part polyurethane foam is injected through 5/8" holes drilled through your concrete slab. At this point, the polyurethane is a two-part liquid which easily flows and seeks out voids, much like water seeking the path of least resistance.



After 10-15 seconds, the polyurethane mixture starts to expand. This expansion fills any voids, drives out moisture, and compacts the remaining base. Once the area is stabilized, our technician strategically continues to inject polyurethane until your concrete is lifted back to its original postition.



Holes are patched, the work is tidied, and your concrete is ready to drive on within 20 minutes!

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Most Experienced

Our lead technician has more than 1,500 jobs under his belt and we have experienced ZERO technician turnover since 2017.  From lifting the simplest driveway to supporting a KTA bridge approach, our technicians take every job very personally.  Your home is in the best hands possible.

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Locally Owned & Operated

Hiring a locally owned company means a more personalized experience, greater accessibility to key staff, and a higher level of accountability on our end.  From the time you make that first call, to the time our technicians drive away from your home, you’ll know you are working with a company that takes personal accountability for their work.

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competitive Pricing

While our experienced technicians, non-commissioned salespeople, and community ties offer invaluable benefits, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing that won't break the bank.  In fact, we will honestly tell you if your pocketbook would be better served with an alternative to polyurethane foam lifting.

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3 Year Warranty

We offer a 3-year warranty.  Our foam will never deteriorate, crumble, or otherwise degrade.  It is impervious to water, rodents, and various environmental factors, making it a dependable solution for concrete repair. If any issues arise within the 3-year warranty period, we will address them, ensuring customers' confidence in the longevity of their repairs.

McPherson Public Library

Midwest FW helped repair the foundation issues at the McPherson Public Library. They were actually the first ones to tip us off about our foundation issues when we called them in about a smaller fix. They were very professional, communicated nicely, and fit in to our crazy schedule with other contractors even with rain delays.

Bruce Wilgers

Midwest leveled my driveway and sidewalks and did the job quickly, cleanly and professionally. Priced Right and good service. Had a small warranty issue shortly after the work was done and they took care of it right away.

Kelsey Call

Midwest Foamworks came out and fixed the concrete by our pool. They did an amazing job and we love that this is a long term fix. They provide superior customer service and we definitely will be using them for this type of work in the future if needed.

Kirk mcgaffin

AAA+. I had my driveway raised about 4" to the same level as my garage floor.The crew arrived promptly and greeted me. They explained the procedure and asked if I had any questions. The job took about 3 hours but the results were worth the wait. I would recommend Midwest Foam Works for any concrete leveling needs.

Sarah F.

Midwest Foamworks repaired our front sidewalk. Their technicians were professional, courteous and showed up on time. They did a great job explaining the process of what needed to be done for the repair and with the completed project. We are happy with the results and recommend.

Larry Snodgrass

I have used Midwest Foam works on two separate occasions the last few years. First to lift an area of my driveway that was sinking. More recently to fill a void beneath my patio that had become home to skunks. Both times I was impressed by every facet of their service. I highly recommend.

Chad Venters

They leveled my AC pad and did great work. Initially scheduled out about 5 weeks but called 2 weeks later letting me know they could get it done early. Overall. Very satisfied with Midwest Foam Works.


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